This Is Why You're Thin!

Submit visions of healthy goodness!

Weíre looking for inspiring photos or video links of the things you do for health!

  • Do you run? swim? bike? climb mountains?

  • Do you drink delicious green smoothies every morning or make a mean bean soup?

  • Are you raising healthy kids who love to eat their vegetables?

  • Did you have a wedding cake made entirely of fruit?

  • Do you grow your own veggies or visit farmerís markets?

Send it in by clicking here! Be sure to include your name and website address if you want it posted with your entry. (By sending your photos or video links you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions below.)*

We welcome submissions from vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists, flexitarians, and omnivores, but we ask that your submissions emphasize plant-based foods -- foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. These foods should make up the majority of a healthy diet and are foods that all of us, from veg to omni, can enjoy.

Regarding recipes, we donít have the time and space to post recipes, but we will include a brief description and/or a link to a recipe if you send one along with your photo.

We do not want pictures of prepackaged processed foods, including items like "diet bars" or "diet shakes". We reserve the right not to post any submissions we feel do not correspond with our commitment to inspire healthy eating and lifestyle.

"Do I have to be thin to submit a photo?" No, of course not! Anyone can submit images of things that make them feel fit and healthy -- that's what it's all about! And if youíre on the journey to releasing excess weight and gaining greater health, we especially want to hear from you. Submit pictures of the things that are helping you along the way, and inspire others who are on the same journey!

"Does thin = healthy?" Not necessarily. I know sedentary junk-food junkies who have metabolisms that keep them thin as can be but who run the same risks to their health as sedentary, overweight people.

Those few aside, though, if you have a healthy, active lifestyle and choose a nutrient-dense diet of whole, unprocessed foods, all or mostly from plants, you will certainly weigh less than you would as a sedentary person eating a typical Western diet. You will also be much healthier! Whether or not that body shape will be what our culture considers thin is beside the point Ė you will be healthy, lean, strong, and thin in a way that is just right for you! No one is looking for supermodels here -- just active, healthy, regular people. :)

This blog is meant for the majority of us in the West, where 60-65% of us are now overweight or obese and suffer with diet- and weight-related health problems ranging from diabetes and heart disease to high blood pressure and gout. The blog is meant to encourage and inspire people who are trying to live a healthier way, and those who maybe arenít that healthy now but are starting out on that journey.

There are those who are dangerously underweight because of anorexia or other eating disorders, or suffer from an obsession with body image or the scale. If this is the case with you, a blog that is devoted to food, diet, or weight loss issues is not the place for you. In fact, it could trigger or worsen your disease. There are many great resources available to help you on the internet and also in your area.

To sum it all up, this blog will never be about thinness for its own sake. The idea to call the blog "This Is Why Youíre Thin" came as a play on words to poke fun at "This Is Why Youíre Fat". The word "thin" is the opposite of the word "fat", and this site is the opposite of that site. I was playfully responding to the original site and using that as a launching pad to show examples of healthy plant foods and fun exercise. So let's do it!

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